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Power Generation
Experitec brings people, technology, and expertise together to improve your plant processes. Our Power Industry experts have the ability to work with you, within your guidelines, to assist in developing plans for new facilities as well as in optimizing the performance of your current environment. Experitec brings the experience that is necessary to make a positive impact on your bottom line.

While control valves, instrumentation, and control systems comprise a very small fraction of a power plants total costs, the impact on overall operations and asset management can be significant. With our local industry expertise & capability as well as our relationship to Emerson Process Management we have the experience, technology and commitment to help you achieve higher levels of plant availability, reliability, and performance.

As a Local Business Partner with Emerson Process Management, we lead the company’s business endeavors in the power generation sector by delivering the widest array of advanced instrumentation, control and automation technologies available from any supplier. We understand the changing dynamics of the industry and are able to apply our wide portfolio of solutions to help you achieve you business objectives.

Domain Expertise highlights our capabilities and knowledge within the Power industry.

Technology Solutions gives an overview of our industry-specific technologies and how they can be applied to your business.

Success Stories will show you examples of completed projects and their successes.