We Solve Problems that Provide Value!

As a Local Business Partner of Emerson Process Management we deliver the latest and most innovative solutions in process control products and services.

Final Control & Regulate

We offer highly reliable final control technologies to help you regulate and isolate your process with certainty. Whether it is a solution with Control Valves and Regulators or Intelligent Valve Automation our engineering and technician teams can develop a new solution or repair and maintain existing products.

Measure & Analyze

We offer a broad range of measurement and analytical technologies for process clarity and insight. Regardless if it is a new installation, testing, start-up or component integration we have the tools and expertise to fully support our customers.

Operate & Manage

We offer the systems and tools that provide the decision integrity to enable our customers to run their operations at their full potential. Our process control and automation systems will allow you to do more, faster while optimizing your process.

Solve & Support

Having the right products is only part of the overall solution, we have the expertise and resources to help our customers dependably define, execute, and support a strategy throughout the lifecycle of their operation. Our Plant Performance Services Group are experts in optimizing our customers’ installed systems as well as building from the ground up. Our field engineers have centuries of experience in optimizing process uptime while reducing utility costs and maximizing our customers’ total investment.